About me

My name is Delia, and I am a passionate yoga practitioner and sunset addict. I also love writing and reading, especially on the beach. Anything on the beach is great, right?

One of my favorite authors, Mario Bendetti, once wrote:

β€žOne of the best things in life is lying under a tree and watching the sun filter through its leaves.β€œ

This pretty much sums up the essence of yoga for me. Through yoga, I found an inner sanctuary of tranquility and peace. I completed the Yoga Alliance certification of 200-hours with the amazing Meghan Currie (to me, her yoga and teaching is a beautiful piece of art). The teacher training was organized by the wonderful Exhale Yoga Retreats, which you can also contact for further references.

My biggest wish is to share the tools I learned and keep on learning, as it helps me immensely on my personal journey. I think the better we deal with negativity and stress, the stronger becomes the positive ripple we can create in the world.

I hope to meet you soon! Let’s connect and why don’t you leave me a message?