On-Site Accommodation at Ao Kao

The on-site accommodation where the retreat takes place is located in one of the most beautiful beaches at Ao Kao Resort. You will live in the “Sunshine Villas”, which are bungalows with a private rooftop terrace and sunbeds, only a few minutes of walking distance away from the beach and close to the pool. Among other things in the bungalow you will have access to free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a rain shower (hot/cold), flat TV and refrigerator. Find out more on the Ao Kao Resort.

Off-Site Accommodation at Banana Sunset

The off-site accommodation is located near a beautiful sundeck that overlooks the sea, at Banana Sunset Bungalows. From here, we will take you to the courses held at Ao Kao each day. This accommodation is not directly at the beach, but the sundeck is renowned for its view, the sunsets, relaxing hammocks, and live-music by the sea. Find out more on the Banana Sunset Bungalows here.

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