Koh Mak Island

The location on the island Koh Mak is marked by palm trees and deserted white sand beaches, sprawled along 26 kilometres of coastline. There are a few other islands, some with habitation and some inhabited, around which can be seen from some of the beaches, or you can also visit them on a kayak. You will be staying at the Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort, as the name already suggests, it lies right beside one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Tourism only really began in Koh Mak in the 80s, and until today, the natural beauty of the island has remained unspoiled, as the island has been following sustainable tourism from the very start. Read more about the island.

The transfers from the airport in Bangkok to Ao Kao are included in the yoga retreat package as round-trip. You just have to let us know your arrival date and time in advance, and we will take care of the rest. You can also fly in from the nearest airport in Trat.


The weather in Koh Mak is tropical, with high temperatures all year round. In the green season from June to October, there can be rain showers on some days that last between one to two hours. But as soon as the raining stops, the sun comes back again. Due to the warm rain showers, the islands are at its greenest and are most beautiful. It doesn’t get cold, and delicious ripe tropical fruits are always in season.

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