Yoga can be learned by anyone, no matter the age or fitness level. Due to the contraction and relaxation of muscles and joints, deep breathing and mental awareness while practicing, a feeling of ease and peace sets in quickly. This results in a state of wellbeing, where it becomes easier to let go of stress and direct attention solely toward the present moment. We think yoga is so popular because it offers a great point of access to this ancient wisdom.

The classes at the Retreat

The classes comprise dynamic sequences in the mornings, helping the body get rid of toxins by creating heat, balance, flexibility, and by working the muscles. In the evenings, the sequences and the asanas (poses) are more calming and are held for longer periods of time as in yin yoga style.

The classes have been designed for beginners as well as for the advanced yogi, as there are many variations and adjustments for the different asanas. The approach of the classes holds a gentle focus on examining the limitations in the body and the mind instead of pushing past them. The general focus is on learning how to listen carefully to one’s body, breath, and mind, which holds various benefits and helps prevent injuries.

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